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When you need footage from several thousand feet up…. that’s when you need Indigo Productions…

• Plummeting towards the earth with skydivers hitting terminal velocity at 120 miles an hour….
• Choppering in on a rescue mission with a team of high-mountain helicopter pilots among the high peaks of Scotland, where a pair of climbers has been stranded in the fog on a rocky cliff face….
• Zooming high above New York City to capture a breathtaking panorama of the skyscrapers stretching out towards Central Park….

Indigo is the one-stop shop for high-altitude imagery. When the images are hard to get… when your filming needs are really extreme… that’s when Indigo can help.

Maybe it’s a stunning opening image of a film—a vista stretching out to the horizon. Maybe it’s an entire aerial sequence in planes, helicopters or remotely piloted vehicles—over the shoulder of the pilots, air to air of the planes. At Indigo, we take pride in helping you show your audience the world from a very different perspective.

What Indigo offers is a team of award-winning cinematographers, drawn from the leading professionals in New York’s community of film, TV, and video.

Our cameramen are more than just glorified run and gun shooters. They’re creative visionaries who can deliver an eye-popping look and production value to your aerial footage. Of course, they’re also pilots and skydivers themselves. They know that capturing great aerial footage is part art, part technical skill, and a whole lot of good planning.

And they’re just part of the team. Our action teams also include:

Indigo’s team will work closely with you in pre-production to map out the look you want for your aerial video. Advance scouting is the key. In production, their eye, and their experience, will deliver the images that put your creative vision across. They are masters of lighting and framing, seasoned professionals who draw on the skills of a lifetime to bring back the heart-stopping aerials.

From Go-pro imagery that comes shooting across the screen to the big bold beautiful wide-angle panoramas that set all the action in context, our teams will deliver breathtaking aerial footage—the kind that resonates in the mind long after the screen has gone dark.

Indigo has aerial filming teams for a remarkable range of projects. We stand ready to assist you on all of the following:

From parachuting to paragliding to the world of the paralympics, our teams bring more than just visual talent, and state of the art equipment, out on location. They are, above all, professional storytellers—even when the story is flying by over a hundred miles an hour.

Do you need to bring back stunning aerial footage from tricky, hard-to-reach locations? Does your film, video or commercial need a jolt of visual energy from half a mile up? Let Indigo Productions provide the solution. Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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