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The best stuntmen deliver more than just fistfights and car crashes. They’re the unsung heroes of the film industry—the men and women who create moments that boggle your imagination and take away your breath.

At Indigo Productions, we aim to take stunts to the next level. We believe in stuntwork that’s not just large-scale visual spectacle, but also an integral part of the narrative. The best stunts are story-telling in action.

Our stuntmen are a rare breed – gymnasts and actors and risk-management specialists. They’re skilled in stage combat, swordplay, skydiving, scuba diving, rock climbing, high-performance driving, skiing and more. And of course, they’re members of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), with considerable acting chops. With accomplished backgrounds in New York’s world of film, TV, video, and stage, they have the technique to create the imagery you need on the screen.

Our martial artists can deliver anything from the elegant five animal styles of Shaolin wu-shu to the in-your-face takedowns of Krav Maga to the timeless power of boxing.

Our wranglers specialize in exotic animals, from invertebrates like scorpions and tarantulas to charismatic mega-fauna like North American bears and African lions. Our dog handlers and trainers are second to none, with their expertise in controlled movement and safe human/animal interaction.

And our acrobatic stuntmen and stuntwomen are among the very best at harness and wire work, high falls and air ram launches. When your film needs to go airborne, they’re ready for action.

Indigo offers a full range of stuntmen and stunt services including:

• precision driving
• car hits, drags & exits
• weaponry
• sword work
• unarmed combat
• martial arts
• harness work
• glass breaks
• wire work
• martial arts
• high falls
• stair falls
• mini-tramp
• air ram
• climbing
• rappelling
• licensed pyrotechnicians
• fire burns
• explosions
• fx, squibs & guns
• stunt coordinating
• animal wrangling
• exotic animal wrangling
• guaranteed humane treatment

At Indigo Productions, we know that the best stuntmen don’t think of themselves as daredevils. They think of themselves as planners. They take pride in delivering a dangerous-looking shot with the most safety, and the least risk.  Their goal is to deliver the maximum impact on film by performing a carefully choreographed sequence.

We’re proud of the safety record of our stuntmen and stunt coordinators. They have learned their craft through a long apprenticeship with an experienced stunt person, and through their own hard-earned experience.

What they bring to the set is not just their awesome physical skills as world-class athletes. It’s their experience in crafting the most eye-opening images for your productions. Every day they put their bodies on the line for you. But it’s their brains that make them special. And it’s their technical sophistication that gives you the most production value for your budget dollar.

Do you need high-octane stunts in your film or video? Do you want action work that delivers real impact? At Indigo Productions, we’ve got the solution. Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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