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The right on-camera host is much more than a figurehead. The host is the face of your enterprise — the person who brings your story to the audience, your vision to the public at large.

At Indigo Productions we understand that the importance of finding the right host.

We have a large in-house team of hosts we’ve worked with. We know their strengths and specializations, allowing us to quickly match the right person with the right job.

We’re proud of our on-screen talent and there’s a reason. They are drawn from the top ranks of New York’s finest performers, journalists, and communications experts. Some have the stage presence from a lifetime in TV, film, video, and theater. Others have worked at some of the biggest names in news, from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, from Discovery to National Geographic.

Polished and attractive, serious and well-informed, our hosts are more than just presenters. They are creative colleagues who will team up with you to deliver the stories you need to tell.

Indigo’s hosts and correspondents have an immense range of on-screen experience, and will work with you on the following types of projects:

At Indigo, we understand that the right host is a very special blend: the quick wits of a journalist and the charisma of an actor, the charm of a best friend and the gravitas of a senator. They project warmth, energy, and substance. And it goes without saying, they’re comfortable in front of the camera.

But while personality is key, it’s our job to find the host that matches your specific needs, the on-screen talent with the skills to fit your requirements.

Some are interviewers who let the guest take center stage. Inquisitive, curious, they understand the rhythms of a great conversation, and the ways to bring information out of that repartee. Others are presenters, equally at ease handling the demands of the teleprompter and the stage directions of producers and unit managers. Others still enjoy rising to the challenge of a live show. Adept at improvisation, quick on their feet, they work calmly under stress, seamlessly presenting a wide range of material as instructions are barked into their ears via IFB. Our hosts can help you with:

introducing guests and speakers
news anchoring
presenting information
interviewing guests
linking show segments
participating in onscreen activities
handling live stage presentations
fronting internet streaming events
voice-over narration

And be your on-camera representative for:

news programming
sports programming
entertainment news
talk show format

If you’re having trouble finding the right host, Indigo has a roster of remarkable talent. Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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