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On-Screen Talent

The people who work in front of Indigo’s cameras are not just performers. They’re creative collaborators. They enable everyone working behind Indigo’s cameras to tell better stories.

We believe the right talent, both on- and offscreen, is the single most critical variable in the ultimate success of a given project.

Indigo Productions works with both union and non-union performers, depending on the client and project requirements.

Our casting directors provide access to the world’s finest actors, hosts, and celebrity talent from the worlds of film, broadcast television, music, comedy, and stage.

On shoot days, we want talent who can deliver right from take one and keep on performing from the first frame to the last. The key words are preparation, experience, reliability—and that’s where Indigo Productions excels.

Our actors, hosts, and celebrities are ready to give your project an infusion of personality and charisma—of nuance and raw power.

Indigo Productions provides on-screen talent for:

At Indigo Productions, our on-screen talent has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to cutting-edge indie films, from network television shows to viral video sensations, and more.

Do you need talent that’s truly talented? Do you want on-screen personnel who are experienced and reliable?

Give Indigo Productions a call at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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