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Art Direction

“I’ll know it when I see it.” How many man hours and how much money have companies lost on that tired refrain?

Without a clear vision of your meeting or event, you certainly don’t want to start the physical work. Discovering partway through that your concept isn’t going to function as planned will result in makeshift alterations, a disjointed production and confusing message, and ultimately, a lot of time, hard work and money wasted without your goals ever being properly met.

Let Indigo Productions show you the way… Literally!

Our stable of visionaries—writers, designers, directors, producers, technicians—come from all fields of entertainment, from movies and reality TV, to video gaming and social networking. Using parameters and goals you set, they’ll help you devise a concept, which will bring your message to life in a way that will resonate with your audience long after its completion.

Indigo will create lush, color artistic renderings which will illustrate our design and your vision of the event space, and will allow you to consider your custom set from every angle. Drawing on their creative expertise, our team will offer lighting plots and CAD drawings; suggest areas where Indigo’s advanced equipment can be used to optimal effect; every aspect carefully planned to enhance, not obfuscate, your objectives. They’ll take careful consideration of the venue’s in-house lighting and staging in order to integrate everything seamlessly and maximize impact.

Indigo understands a quiet stage and single spotlight can sometimes be more powerful than an audio-visual extravaganza. Our seasoned staff has the know-how to get amazing results from even the most humble of budgets. In essence, you will “know” your set before you “see” it, solidifying your plan beforehand, which saves you the time and money that might have been spent on fixing unnecessary mistakes once construction had begun.

Your customized design is manufactured at Indigo’s own facility. We don’t farm your job out. Everything is built on-site, overseen at every stage to ensure perfect harmony between the lighting and staging components, and your goals. And that oversight continues throughout installation and fulfillment. How better to retain the connective artistic thread for which we’ve prepared so hard? Indigo doesn’t consider itself merely the executor of your vision, but its caretaker, and we’re committed to seeing to its flawless execution and ensuring that it meets its potential.

To that end, Indigo Productions provides a full array of art direction services, including:

• Scenic Design
• Custom Sets
• Venue Branding
• On-Site Assembly
• Lighting Design

Want your next Meeting or Event to reach its full potential? Interested in creating a memorable audio-visual experience that will imprint its message in the hearts and minds of your audience? Let Indigo show you how.

Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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