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teleprompter operators

Anyone can roll lines. But a good teleprompter operator is a lifeline for your entire creative team.

At Indigo Productions, we understand that the best operators bring something invaluable to the set. Whether running an actor’s script, a host’s copy, or a corporate speech, they put the talent at ease, and get the show flowing smoothly. For your on-screen talent, it’s all about feeling secure in the moment, under the glare of the lights and the focus of the cameras. And that’s what a good teleprompter operator can give them.

Our operators are comfortable working in the high-pressure, high-stakes world of live television and streaming video. They bring strong organization, time management, and communication abilities and, it goes without saying, excellent computer and keyboard skills. They have an ability to handle a range of speech patterns, and a variety of dialects.

On the set where time is money, they are efficient, organized. Above all, they are good listeners. They work well with talent—from actors to hosts, from video anchors to live presenters—even when the talent is feeling the pressure of going live. They understand how to work with the most demanding directors, producers, ADs and unit managers.

Our teleprompter operators are drawn from the ranks of New York’s best – the professionals who have worked on the top news and entertainment TV programming, independent film sets, and live corporate presentations.

Indigo also has access to all the equipment any teleprompter operation will need — a large selection of LED and LCD prompters in a wide array of sizes to suit all production needs. Our team knows the gear from input to output, from small indie film set-ups to large multi-cam extravaganzas.

Our teleprompter operators have worked on a huge variety of projects, and can help you with the following:

Prompting actors for their lines, prompting hosts and anchors for their copy, prompting corporate spokespeople as they give their speeches, the right teleprompter operator brings more than just scrolling down copy on a screen. If they’re good, they make you and your talent look great. If they screw up, the whole production screws up too.

That’s why, when you’re going into the trenches of TV, film, and video production, you want the best operator you can find.

If you’re having trouble locating the right teleprompter operator, Indigo can help. Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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