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The producer at Indigo Productions serves as the client’s steadfast partner throughout the entire project. He assures that the video achieves its goals and exceeds the client’s expectations. The Indigo producer is the constant guiding force on all aspects of the film or video, from the initial phone call, throughout production and postproduction, up until final delivery.

Indigo producers are seasoned, reliable, and always available go-to guys. They are masters of duality. Right-brained and left-brained. They foster creativity. They control finances. They watch over their crew. They watch the client’s back. Our producers totally get win-win. It’s always all about relationships.

The extensive knowledge and breadth of experience of our producers serves the client in many ways. Having worked in a variety of production capacities, Indigo producers have dealt with the full gamut of production practices. They know all the best crew, talent, equipment and other services. They run a seamless, dynamic shoot. They avoid potential mishaps. Quickly solve unavoidable disruptions. They’re like those Zen martial arts experts who barely move yet swiftly dispatch all attackers.

Producers are the very core of Indigo’s full range of video production services.
Their expertise includes:

• Always accessible client liaison
• Experienced troubleshooter
• Budget supervisor
• Production overseer with in-depth knowledge of your project
• Widespread industry contacts

Do you need a producer to ensure your project fulfills your goals and reaches your target audience? Let Indigo Productions produce your next project.

Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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