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The right on-camera look is critical. Nothing ensures success like the right appearance. And that’s where Indigo Productions comes in.

At Indigo, our award-winning team includes some of the top hair and make-up stylists in the country, drawn from the leading professionals in New York’s worlds of film, TV, and theater. We know just how much impact they can have on any video or stage presentation.

For simple interview shoots or live presentations, our stylists ensure that the audience is concentrating on your message, not getting distracted by imperfections like shiny skin or “flyaway” hairs. No one wants to look pale or blotchy or sweaty.

For commercials, music videos, web videos or independent films, our stylists can create elegant contemporary looks, recreate period designs and styles, or completely transform an actor’s face and body using prosthetics.

From beauty and glamour looks to straight-ahead corporate, from film and video shoots to live events, Indigo Productions offers a full range of hair and make-up stylist services, including:

• Hair and Makeup for every type of production
• Hair Cuts, Colors, and Styles
• Non-Toxic Airbrushing
• Grooming and basic haircutting
• Wigs, grafts, and hair extensions
• Make-up special effects
• Body Painting
• Temporary Tattoos
• Medical effects and scars
• Prosthetic creation and application

Our team will work with you from pre-production, as the creative team crafts the look, right through to the day of production to ensure that the overall design is consistent with the production concept. And they’ll be on site to monitor and touch-up every step of the way.

Since Indigo’s team comes from the world of film and video, they understand the effects of lighting on a person’s skin and hair. They know how to interact with talent to set everyone at ease. And they can deliver anything from a natural look that blends in seamlessly to a startling look that pops off the screen.

While many associate hair and make-up stylists with expensive Hollywood productions, every film or video can benefit from these important services. After all, the stylists are the ones who ensure that you, your team, or your talent look good and feel good about themselves. Because if your talent isn’t feeling good about how they look, it’s much harder to get a good performance from them.

Indigo has provided production personnel for a remarkable range of projects. And our hair and make-up stylists stand ready to assist you on all of the following:

Do you want your on-screen talent to look their best? Let our hair and make-up team style your next project!
Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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