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When it comes to getting your story down on film or video, the cinematographer is indispensible.

At Indigo Productions, we’re proud to work with a team of award-winning cinematographers, drawn from the leading talents in New York’s community of film, TV, and video. These directors of photography are more than just glorified run and gun shooters. They’re creative visionaries who can bring an eye-popping look and production value to your project.

Indigo’s cinematographers will work closely with you and the director in pre-production to map out the look you want for your film or video. In production, their eye, and their experience, will deliver the creative vision that puts your message across. They are masters of lighting and framing, seasoned professionals who bring the skills of a lifetime.

Our cinematographers have handled shoots from intimate single-camera sit-down interviews to sweeping, large-scale multi-camera filming. They understand the constraints of a budget, and how to get the most creative bang for your money.

But they bring more than just visual talent, and state of the art equipment, to the set. They come armed with an array of narrative techniques, a creative point of view, and an innate passion for filming your video, your event, your web series, or streaming footage. That’s because they are, above all, professional storytellers.

Indigo has provided camera crews and cinematographers for a remarkable range of projects. We stand ready to assist you on all of the following:

Indigo specializes in the following types of shoots:

From polished and refined to edgy and modern, our cinematographers understand how to bring style to a story. Their goal is to tell your narrative, to put across your message, to create a lasting impression on your audience.

Do you need a cinematographer? Do you have a story in search of a vision? Let Indigo Productions provide the solution. Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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