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Documentary Video

Some documentary crews come back with footage. We come back with stories.

At Indigo Productions, we understand that a nonfiction camera crew has to have more than just a great eye. It has to have an ear for a narrative, and a heart for all aspects of the human drama.

What sets Indigo’s crews apart is that they are professional storytellers. They bring more to the set than just their production talents and their years of experience. They also come with a deep knowledge of narrative technique, and a creative point of view to enrich that narrative.

Our documentary video production shooters understand how to follow the action, and how to keep the focus on the core of the story. They can deliver a range of styles from the epic sweep of a classic blue-chip documentary to guerilla mode street video, from jittery verite to high gloss reality TV.

Locked off or hand held, video or film, they know how to frame up jaw-dropping imagery, how to light a recreation or an interview so it looks distinctive and powerful. They know how to deliver nonfiction footage for a huge variety of uses and applications:

• classic documentary
• web video
• long-form news pieces
• reality tv
• re-creations
• sit down interviews
• on the fly footage
• stand ups
• b-roll
• streaming video

From one-man bands to two-person run and gun teams all the way up to the large multi-camera set-ups that cover sports and action events, Indigo can supply the personnel to get the job done.

We draw from New York’s pool of creative talent, including some of the finest documentary filmmaking professionals in the country. It’s a who’s who list of nonfiction film, video, and TV, and it’s at your disposal.

Our award-winning team includes:

• sound
• lighting
• camera operators
• directors
• producers
• associate producers
• production assistants

Our team’s production experience lets them get the most on-screen value for your budget dollar. We always strive to maximize production time and resources on set, while pushing the envelope creatively.

And it’s not just camera personnel we supply. We provide state of the art equipment—the latest in camera, lighting and sound gear. 35 MM, Red, or HD, we will assemble the kit to get the job done at a price that makes sense.

But above all, what we supply is experience.

If you want a camera crew you can count on, a team that will bring back the documentary footage and the story you need, Indigo can provide the solution. Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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