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Indigo uses previsualization to take pre-production of visually-complex sequences to the next creative level. Before the shoot begins, our directors, cinematographers, art directors, and editors previsualize complete scenes virtually.

We use photographs, digital imagery and animation to experiment with storytelling. This frees up the creative process, while saving production time and costs. While still in preproduction the creative personnel and client can see what works and what doesn’t. So we approach the shoot unified, with unprecedented confidence.

Our Pre-viz output ranges from 2D animatics (simple animation of the storyboards) to complex 3D animation, in which we render Computer Generated Images (CGI) of the scenes, complete with photorealistic images and motion. Both modes can include music, sound effects and dialogue. We test out composition, camera angles, lighting and staging, as well as preview locations, sets, props and costumes.

Our editors can also utilize animatics as mini-movie mock-ups. They help determine the length of shots and the rhythm of sequences before the actual footage arrives. This saves considerable edit time.

Indigo editors also create Radio Edits. Without picture, they string together dialogue and narration to bring the script to life and gauge its impact and length. Script changes are much easier before we start shooting.

Do you want to see the video before the shoot? Want to save time and money by creating a streamlined workflow? Let Indigo previsualize your next project.

Call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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