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Mobile Video

With the growing popularity of smart phones and other Internet-enabled devices, such as iPads or iPods, there has aroused a need for new technologies catering specifically to the mobile user. From apps and mobile-friendly websites to mobile videos, a business competing in the today’s marketplace needs to translate all their marketing channels and include a mobile friendly option for clients who are constantly on the run and use their phones as means to connect with their own customers, business partners, suppliers, and service providers.

At Indigo Productions, we understand how important mobile videos are for our clients’ ability to retaining competitive edge in the marketplace of today. That is why our full range of video production services includes complete mobile solutions! We can produce videos intended specifically for the mobile audience or augment your regular video production project with a mobile friendly version that will greatly expand your potential target audience. Some of the considerations made when producing a mobile video include:

• compression
• aspect ratio
• video encoding
• length
• optimization

Are you interested in expanding your mobile content with a video or creating a video intended for release through multiple channels including mobile devices? Do you have questions about pricing and other considerations relating to mobile video production?
Please, feel free to call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page to find out more information!


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