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Audio Mastering

Carefully designed and professionally executed sound is essential to almost any kind of multimedia project. Videos are no different. Whether you want to create a commercial or a corporate training video, the finished product will not be fit for release until it has been professionally mastered. Audio mastering is as important as any other part of the video production process.

At Indigo Productions, we offer our clients a full range of video production services, including post-production. Because audio mastering is one of the vital elements of our post-production services, before releasing any video, we assign the task of sound mastering to a professional audio specialist. All activities taken during audio mastering are a subject fit for a series of textbooks – some examples of the steps we take during audio mastering include:

• volume adjustment
• noise reduction
• editing minor flaws
• audio track equalization
• stereo width adjustment
• ambience insertion
• peak limit
• dynamic range control

Every video production project is different but at Indigo Production, we take pride in treating every single one of our videos as if it was the most important work we have ever created. This attention to detail and aspiration for excellence translates into award- winning, top of the line videos that meet both the needs and wants of our clients.

Our audio mastering services are no different. Every video ever produced by Indigo Productions has been professionally mastered and has not been released to the client until it met our high standards of quality.

At Indigo, we are committed to total customer satisfaction! If you would like to learn more about the audio mastering as well as general video production services offered by Indigo Productions, please feel free to call us at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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