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Sound Effects

At Indigo Productions, our editors make Sound Effects a compelling emotional component of the Sound Design. You may not always be aware of sound effects, but they definitely affect how you feel about what you are watching.

Think how sound effects enhance an iPhone. You know that satisfying whoosh sound when you send a message? That seemingly simple whoosh helps brand the Apple product. Or imagine Wall E, the robot in the Pixar animation, without those creaky sounds when he moves. Those sound effects help us identify with a cartoon robot’s humanness.

Sound effects (SFX) anchor an image in reality. Everyday sounds like the zip of a zipper. They put the viewer right there on location. The thunder cracks and rain on a roof. SFX evoke atmosphere and stir emotions. The unnerving dread of footsteps echoing in a dark alley. The nostalgia of the mechanical grrschhht when the photo slides out of a Polaroid camera. They make you laugh. Imagine a pratfall without the comic thump and crash added to the soundtrack. And sound effects sell your product. What’s a bite of Cap’n Crunch without the crunch?

Most sound effects are not recorded in synch at the time of filming. We add them during post-production. We create some SFX (Foley) in a studio and select others from our extensive sound effects library. To produce just the right effect our editors may combine various sound effects and acoustically alter them with an array of digital sound editing tools. Then we mix the sound effects with voice and music to enhance the picture.

Do you want your video to feel real? Do you want your viewers to connect viscerally with your product? Let Indigo Productions design the sound on your next project.

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