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Script Writing

Indigo Productions is a story-driven production company. The success of almost every project we produce hinges on a compelling concept and a well-conceived screenplay.

In the production business, good writing is a very rare commodity. If you give an idea to 100 different writers, you will get back 100 completely different scripts.

The script writing process at Indigo is different thanks to our expansive roster of award-winning writers with proven track records in feature films, documentaries, broadcast television, creative advertising, sketch comedy, politics, video games, fine art, business, and journalism.

This diverse palette of creative talent allows Indigo producers and directors to curate the optimal writing team for each project based on that project’s specific creative aspirations and budgetary parameters.

Indigo Productions provides concept development and script writing services for the following types of projects:

Indigo writers can polish your existing script or write an original screenplay based on whatever you are able to provide us with, be it a detailed story outline, a thorough verbal description, or a crumpled cocktail napkin sketch.

Indigo’s creative team will thoroughly research your topic and target audience and will develop a range of creative options for each narrative point and set piece. Once we have all of that work done, the script writing can begin in earnest.

Do you have the idea for a video but need a professional script writer to help flesh it out? Do you need assistance refining or polishing an existing script? If so, give Indigo Productions a call at 212-765-5224 or visit our contact page.


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