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Greystone State of Mind
Greystone & Co. commissioned Indigo to develop and produce a music video starring their CEO rapping his own original lyrics over a popular Jay-Z beat. What else do you need to know? Indigo collaborated with Greystone’s top people and came up with the entire concept in two hours. A week later, we were transforming Greystone’s posh global headquarters overlooking Central Park into a nightclub/movie set for a powerhouse three-day shoot.…
AM New York On The Pulse
AM New York, Manhattan’s largest daily newspaper, hired Indigo to create a unique promo video about their hip, upscale, and in-demand publication. Indigo shot for 10 days all over New York City, documenting scores of amazing recommendations pulled directly from their pages. Our marathon production included stops in all five boroughs, a Beyoncé concert, time-lapse photography of a dramatic NYC sunrise, and location shoots for 20 other amazing things. The…
ROAV Smart Driving System
The Roots Cereal and Milk
Kellogg’s teamed up with Indigo Productions and Edelman PR to produce a week-long, star-studded viral media event in the middle of NYC.  The goal was to remind folks about all the fundamental benefits of cereal and milk. A massive storefront on the corner of Eighth Avenue and 49th Street in midtown Manhattan was transformed into the Kellogg’s Recharge Bar, staffed by an army of servers dishing up the entire line of Kellogg’s…
NHL Stanley Cup Timelapse
The NHL and NBC hired Indigo to provide multi-camera time lapse video coverage of a 21-foot high, 6,600-pound replica of the Stanley Cup trophy being constructed in the middle of Times Square. Indigo shot the action for 36 straight hours, using three cameras positioned in strategic locations, capturing every moment from the start of construction through final completion. The Stanley Cup replica functioned as a working water fountain, allowing fans…
Night Thirst Performance Trailer
The producers of Night Thirst commissioned Indigo to produce a promotional trailer for their musical stage spectacular, a sexy and modern take on the classic vampire tale. Production of the trailer involved a sophisticated five-camera special shoot of the action-packed stage performance featuring dozens of actors, elaborate choreography, and breathtaking acrobatics. We then edited the footage together with behind-the-scenes interviews to create the final product.

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