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Behind the Scenes: Jeff Koons’ Balloon Flower

Legendary American artist Jeff Koons had his “Balloon Flower (Blue)” auctioned at Christies last night, where it sold for $16,882,500. Daaaamn! The Indigo team videotaped the unwrapping of the sculpture as a time lapse sequence. Our crew started shooting at 9:00pm and finished at 5:00am the following day. Check out the final video on Christies’ website:


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“Obama Girl” creator to speak at our NYU workshop

Remember the viral video hit “Obama Girl”? Of course you do! It has received almost 20 million YouTube views by now. And how about “Fred” – THE internet sensation right now? Well guess what: the creator of these videos (AKA Kevin Arbouet) is one of the speakers at our viral video workshop this month. You should sign up! Like NOW. Go to: https://www.indigoprod.com/ViralVideoWorkshop

To refresh your memory:

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