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Video Services – How to Choose the Best Video Production Company

So you want to make a great corporate video? Choosing a great video production company is the key to success.

Start with trust – knowing that your producer is capable of creating a corporate video that exceeds your expectations, and has done so for client after client. You want a producer who can answer all your questions… and who knows the right questions to ask you. You want a producer who can guide you through the entire video production, from developing the initial concept, all the way to your final presentation.

Here are some key …

11 Things to Consider When Making a Promotional Video

Making a great promotional video can bring your message, your product and your company to life.  So why do so few videos take advantage of the medium’s strengths?  Max Rosen, President and Executive Producer of Indigo Productions, an NYC video production company, offers 11 tips to consider when creating any type of corporate video:

1. Get the most bang for your buck!

You’re going to shoot a training video?  Multipurpose it.  Design it so it can be shown to customers as well.  Use it as an intro video to kick off …

Indigo Editor Wins a PBS NYC Competition

Indigo Productions is proud to announce that Michael Krivicka, our senior video editor, has won the prestigious “Reel 13” PBS competition on Channel Thirteen with his short film “New York Talk.”

“New York Talk,” which was broadcast by PBS on April 4th 2009, is a brilliant and kinetic slice of the city featuring an uncommon look at the New York lifestyle. The film perfectly captures the energy of Manhattan with a fast-paced mosaic of images and people — narrated by a street-smart, bitingly satirical, and distinctly New York guide.

“New York Talk” has …

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Video?

by Richard Kaplan and Max Rosen

Prospective clients often ask, “How much does it cost to make a video?” It’s a good question – and every producer wishes there were a simple answer.  But the truth is, this question is a lot like asking an architect, How much does it cost to build a house?”

An architect’s answer would probably be:  It depends.  Do you want a 50-room mansion on a remote island?  Or a prefab cookie-cutter at the lowest possible price?  More likely something in between – but what, exactly?  Before giving you …

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