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What to Wear for a TV Interview or a Video Production Shoot

By Max Rosen, President & CEO, Indigo Productions

It never ceases to amaze me how many people – including VERY high-profile people – show up for television and video shoots wearing clothes that look terrible on camera.

Proper wardrobe is critical.  Viewers decide whether they like you and trust you almost instantly, and what you wear greatly influences their perception. So whether you’re preparing for a television appearance, a corporate video production shoot, a CEO profile, or a social media video, memorize these important tips to help you look your best in front of the lens!


Indigo Productions Featured As Global Leader in Video Production on Clutch

Indigo Productions recently secured a place among leading B2B service providers worldwide as one of 15 Global Leaders in video production.

This award was given by Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform that examines over 7,000 video production companies, marketing agencies, and IT companies. Their research aims to give business buyers the information they need to make purchasing and partnering decisions. To do so, Clutch ranks agencies based on a complex research methodology with over one dozen factors. The results of their research are released in Leaders Matrices, where Indigo Productions ranks #14 of 845 firms.

Although there are …

Microsoft Leverages Xbox to Enter the Video Production Industry

According to Nancy Tellem, Microsoft’s Corporate VP, the tech giant has hired 150 professionals for its new video production studio in Santa Monica in Los Angeles County, California.

Microsoft Corporation has always been know for entering new industries, from software development, through search engines, to now video production and content creation. Over the years Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer utilized their competitive advantage from one industry and leverage its brand and market power to enter and dominate a new industry. With over 75 millions of Xbox consoles sold worldwide and a 46 million-strong subscriber base for their Xbox Live online delivery service for …

JK Divorce Dance: The Making of a Viral Video Hit!

By Max Rosen, President & CEO, Indigo Productions

How many divorces take only one hour to complete, feature music, laughter, dancing and acrobatics, and are cheered by millions of people all around the world?

Six weeks ago Indigo Productions uploaded a 2-minute video called “JK Divorce Entrance Dance” to the Internet. It was a spot-on parody of a hugely popular video called “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” – featuring a real couple dancing down the aisle in a church – which had gone viral just a few days earlier.

To date, the …

How To Make A Video Go Viral

What is a Viral Video, and how can you make one work for your business?

By Warren Zenna and Max Rosen

Viral Video: A video that spreads like a virus, passed on from user to user via the Internet, social networks, mobile platforms and more.  A video is typically considered “viral” when it surpasses 1 million plays.  But what does it all mean, and how can you use the power of viral marketing to grow your business?

In 2004, closet pop-star Gary Brolsma became …

Video Services – How to Choose the Best Video Production Company

So you want to make a great corporate video? Choosing a great video production company is the key to success.

Start with trust – knowing that your producer is capable of creating a corporate video that exceeds your expectations, and has done so for client after client. You want a producer who can answer all your questions… and who knows the right questions to ask you. You want a producer who can guide you through the entire video production, from developing the initial concept, all the way to your final presentation.

Here are some key …

11 Things to Consider When Making a Promotional Video

Making a great promotional video can bring your message, your product and your company to life.  So why do so few videos take advantage of the medium’s strengths?  Max Rosen, President and Executive Producer of Indigo Productions, an NYC video production company, offers 11 tips to consider when creating any type of corporate video:

1. Get the most bang for your buck!

You’re going to shoot a training video?  Multipurpose it.  Design it so it can be shown to customers as well.  Use it as an intro video to kick off …

Indigo Editor Wins a PBS NYC Competition

Indigo Productions is proud to announce that Michael Krivicka, our senior video editor, has won the prestigious “Reel 13” PBS competition on Channel Thirteen with his short film “New York Talk.”

“New York Talk,” which was broadcast by PBS on April 4th 2009, is a brilliant and kinetic slice of the city featuring an uncommon look at the New York lifestyle. The film perfectly captures the energy of Manhattan with a fast-paced mosaic of images and people — narrated by a street-smart, bitingly satirical, and distinctly New York guide.

“New York Talk” has …

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