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The History of New York as Seen By Martin Scorsese

New York is often considered to be the gateway city to the world; a high energy, globally influential center of art, culture, fashion and finance. In New York, art in not only respected, but treasured.

It’s a mecca for theatre, dance, television, film, music and museums. Many of the world’s greatest artists call it home. Among filmmakers, New York is often as much of a part of their films as the main character themself. And although directors such as Spike Lee, Woody Allen and Sidney Lumet have established their love for the city on film, one director continuously tells stories …

How a Pitch Video Can Help Sell a Project

The pitch. Everyone talks about pitching projects, but what does that really mean?

Simply put, it’s when someone with an idea tries to sell it to someone, either an individual or business, with the money and/or resources to get it made.

In the entertainment industry, writers and directors pitch not only their own concepts, but also try to sell their creative talents on an already developed project that needs a vision to bring it to fruition.

As both time and technology change, so has the pitch itself. Once presented on paper with the occasional illustration, now pitches are presented in …

Knot Gala in New York, NY

Another New York Video Production: Knot Gala 2015


At Indigo Productions we love what we do; helping clients realize their vision from conception through execution.  There are some clients that remind us exactly how much we love our job.

The historic New York Public library was the setting for The Knot Gala 2015, produced by the XO Group.  This amazing event was the culmination of Bridal Fashion week and the theme of Charged Creativity was evident as wedding day inspiration filled the venue.

We collaborated with The Knot to capture many of the evening’s special moments.  Utilizing two full crews and a 2-camera live switched …

Yesterday and Today: Comparing Reboot Trailers to the Originals

Every year brings a slate of remakes, reboots, and sequels to long-dormant film franchises.  2015 includes updates to series like Star Wars, Fantastic Four, and many more.  Comparing the trailers for the revamps to those for the originals can highlight how different these new installments are aspiring to be—and it can also highlight differences in how trailers have been produced over the years.  How do these trailers compare?

Attorney Peter Mavrick Explains Film and Video Industry Internships and the Law

Peter Mavrick, attorney for management and employers, was recently asked to render advice to a client in the film and video industry regarding its unpaid internships. A film and video business can teach valuable career lessons to novice career entrants. However, the structure of the unpaid internship opportunity matters from a legal perspective. As explained in further detail below, the most conservative approach is to link the internship to a bona fide school program for credit. Even in the absence of a school program, wages do not necessarily need to be paid to the intern. The main problem with internships, …


The Recut Trailer, or the Subtle Art of Editing

The art of editing is not only one of the most important aspects of filmmaking, but also one of the most powerful tools in telling a story.

Over the past decade, recut trailers have become a fascinating and entertaining way for editors to mashup either two or more films into one—or even better, re-editing and changing the actual tone of the trailer, completely reimagining it into a completely different genre.

Check out ten of our favorite trailer mashups.

The Special Shoot Trailer

It’s not uncommon for blockbuster movies to earn over $100 million at the box office, which means that the marketing of films is an essential, and oftentimes expensive, part of the equation.  With opening weekend dates carved out years in advance, audience awareness is essential, which is often why a “special shoot” trailer is produced.

Shot exclusively as a trailer and not featuring any footage from the film, “special shoot” trailers have one purpose: get people talking.  It’s not art—it’s making a product look attractive.  But why don’t we see more of them?  Well, apparently the MPAA has …

American Celebrity Commercials in Japan

Imagine for a moment you’re watching your favorite TV, show and when the series cuts to commercial, you suddenly see Bruce Willis hawking coffee or Arnold Schwarzenegger promoting an energy drink.

While this level of celebrity endorsement isn’t common in the United States, in Japan advertisers pay exorbitant fees for actors to promote their products.  Such A-list talent as Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Eddie Murphy, and Harrison Ford have all done commercials as themselves that have played exclusively in Japan.  Other advertisements use familiar American characters, such as Superman and 24‘s Jack Bauer, to …

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