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Windows 8.1 Crashes After Being Updated—Should I Upgrade My Windows 8 to 8.1?

Last week I updated my Windows 8 laptop.  I first did some research online to figure out should I upgrade my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 or not.  I have read some articles on technology blogs and the reviews were positive, thus my laptop is now a Windows 8.1.  Not happy with my decision.

As I stated before the update has been downloaded a week ago.  Since that time, the computer froze twice already, which is a pretty high rate considering it has only been one measly week!  The first time it happened, I assumed the system crashed, so I …

Can I Have a Start Menu in Windows 8?

The start button has been one of the most recognizable features of every Windows operating system (OS) from Windows 95—a great improvement (especially in ease of use) from all the previous versions.  People, as creatures of habit, have grown to rely on the start menu to navigate all the programs and applications they use through Windows.  Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to cut this portion out of their OS for Windows 8.

Allegedly, the reason for this was to account for touchscreens and make MS Windows to be inherently touchscreen-friendly.  For reasons beyond the mind of a mere mortal, the Microsoft Windows …

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