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Rebecca Black Saturday

Rebecca Black is Back for Saturday

You probably remember Internet sensation Rebecca Black and her earworm of a song, “Friday,” from two years ago.  You may not be very happy we’ve brought it back into your mind, either.  “Friday” was hailed as the “worst song of all time,” but got millions of YouTube views and became some strange sort of phenomenon overnight.  Well, after two years, Rebecca Black is back with the only logical follow-up to “Friday”: “Saturday.”

What is Video Seeding? How to Seed a Video?

What is video seeding and why would you want to do it? Well, first of all, video seeding is a an important part of viral video production practice of obtaining a certain amount of initial viewership for a video with hopes that at least some of those viewers will share the video with their friends, thus ensuring that the number of views for the video increases exponential, that is go viral.

We have covered this subject extensively on the

A Story How YouTube Created a Power Metal Band

At Indigo Productions, we love viral marketing! Especially, working on projects on which we get to come up with an idea for a video, execute it, seed it, and report the performance after completion of the campaign.

That being said, our interest goes much deeper than commercial projects. It’s amazing when YouTube takes an (not so) ordinary person and makes them into stars, or how the media like to call them – Internet sensations.

While sticking labels on people is not a nice thing to do and the commitment to equality is truly valued by every single member of the …

USA Today: Celebrity Viral Video Move Past Sex Tapes!

Maria Puente from USA Today has just published a really interesting article about celebrity viral videos. In her piece, she makes a very interesting observation. For years now, the first thing people thought when hearing the words celebrity viral video was ‘great, a new sex tape!”

Those sex tapes have grown in popularity so much that there even is a Wikipedia entry about them! According to Wikipedia:

“A celebrity sex tape is typically an amateur pornographic video recording involving one or more celebrity famous person(s) which has, intentionally or unintentionally, been made available publicly. Such video tapes are often released …

Academics: Viral Video Production Helps Science – Who Would Have Thought?

Some good news for science bloggers! The last several years have seen a new trend in viral videos. The sudden flood of videos with animals, especially cats, interacting with one another, took the Internet by storm. Nowadays, you cannot log in to Facebook or fire up YouTube without seeing at least one Lol Catz picture, or a video of a cat playing with a dog, a dog scaring a bear up the tree, or some other video of a random animal doing something so cute that we cannot help it but take the two minutes …

Microsoft Leverages Xbox to Enter the Video Production Industry

According to Nancy Tellem, Microsoft’s Corporate VP, the tech giant has hired 150 professionals for its new video production studio in Santa Monica in Los Angeles County, California.

Microsoft Corporation has always been know for entering new industries, from software development, through search engines, to now video production and content creation. Over the years Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer utilized their competitive advantage from one industry and leverage its brand and market power to enter and dominate a new industry. With over 75 millions of Xbox consoles sold worldwide and a 46 million-strong subscriber base for their Xbox Live online delivery service for …

Salma Hayek PSA – New Public Service Announcement Video Production Project

Max Rosen, founder of Indigo Productions, gave a well-attended talk at CUNY last week about viral video successes and how YouTube is changing the industry.  Max also shared useful tips & tricks for breaking into the field of video production, and gave two lucky students an opportunity to assist shooting a Public Service Announcement starring Salma Hayek. (We’ll post the video soon).

CUNY gave Indigo some love with this great article:

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Ben Relles – speaker at Viral Video Workshop

Our annual Viral Video Workshop is now just a few days away, so we’d like to share some info about our speakers. One of them is Ben Relles, the founder and creative force behind the comedy network Barely Political Ben has established himself as a leader in digital entertainment, creating content that goes viral instantly.

Check out one of his latest videos:

What’s YOUR favorite viral video?

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