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Branding Video Production Can Be Boosted By Social Issues Awareness

As Neil Davidson points out in his article on the Business 2 Community website, big brands face a big opportunity thanks to video production.  More specifically, web videos commissioned by big brands can serve multiple purposes.  If the company chooses to touch upon important social issues in their videos, they can have an enormous impact on the public’s awareness of the given issue.

How Can I Get My YouTube Video to Rank in Google?

Have you posted your video commercial on YouTube with hopes that Google would pick it up and display it in their search result pages for relevant keywords?  Did you fail?  If so, continue reading as we will explain some basics of video optimization.

First of all, you want to decide on your keywords.  What is your prospective client likely to type into Google when searching for the services or products that you offer? 

How to Use Video Structured Data from

The latest buzzword that took the Web by storm is Structured Data.  Everybody knows of it but not everybody knows how to use it—and why exactly?  Structured data is a group of markup tags that webmasters can use to embed into their website, so search engines can easily add rich snippets to their search result pages that give users a preview of what information is contained on the websites listed on the page.

Structured data is a type of metadata—data about data—and the groups of those HTML tags are collected and defined in schemas. is an initiative by the …

Email Marketing Video Production – Have You Tried it Yet?

If not, then it’s about time to consider it! According to a recent survey 82% of marketers agree that video email marketing is an effective tool for their email bast efforts. Out of 600 respondents who took part in the survey, 60% are currently using videos in their email marketing campaigns (the same survey last year found that number to be 52% which gives us an 8% increase year-to-year) – 82% of those are glad they gave it a shot!

Here are some key statistics:

51% agreed that including a direct link to the video is the best way to …

5 Important Video Statistics You Should Know

Here are some statistics about web and mobile videos you should know:

Promo Video for an iPhone App Idea – Duracell Powermat Case Study

Development of an iPhone app – or any other app for that matter – is a costly project but can be very lucrative. For an iPhone app to make big profit, it needs to be downloaded by a lot of people from the Apple iTunes store. So, how do we market an app? We first need to get it to the store, optimize the listing, get good ratings, post it all over the Internet, etc. If we’re able to produce a quality app and market it correctly, the rewards can be huge. A promo video can boost our exposure, both …

Is it Worth it to Make a Product Video for an Online Store?

How do you increase your online sales? There are a lot of tactics that can be implemented to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce solution. Good pictures and descriptions are simply not enough anymore: reviews, credible copy, landing page optimization – all those items are no longer guarantors of success in the world of online commerce – they are a prerequisite. Web videos are on a fast-track to joining them as defining elements of a well-built Internet store. Below is an example of a perfectly executed product review video combined with rating, price range, and a well-organized, thorough, credible …

How to Optimize a Video for Search Engines?

When you’ve spent your time and money into making a marketing video for your organization you want to get back every dime out of your web video production project that you can – here’s when the Internet can come to the rescue. Internet is a beautiful place. One of its beauties is that it is a source of free advertising, so when you have spent your last advertising dollar that you had budgeted for your video project, there is still more to come! What you need to do is a certain activity known as video optimization.

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