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What Operating System Mix Do You Use?

There are three major Operating System families.  Those are Microsoft, Apple, and Unix/Linux with their derivatives, such as Ubuntu.  While some people are such devoted fans that they utilize the same OS for all their devices—especially Apple users who only work with iOS—most people use different operating systems for different devices, or even tasks with a virtual machine running on their local computer.

People who work with desktop and laptop computers for creating visuals and multimedia, such as web designers, graphic designers and video editors, tend to use Apple products.  On the other hand, hardcore programmers that are part of …

Video Production Software From Adobe Creative Cloud Suite to be Updated

The software giant Adobe Systems, Inc is rumored to give a much-anticipated preview to their video production suite. The software packages to get a new makeover include Adobe After Effects,  Premiere, Speedgrade, and Prelude. The software’s new features (over 150 of them!) will be announced at the upcoming International Broadcasting Convention (IBC2013) exhibit held between September 13 and 17 (the conference opens up a day ahead of the exhibition and will also run until the 17th).

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like the new and improved video production tools will add to the users’ efficiency – the updated software …

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