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Promo Video for an iPhone App Idea – Duracell Powermat Case Study

Development of an iPhone app – or any other app for that matter – is a costly project but can be very lucrative. For an iPhone app to make big profit, it needs to be downloaded by a lot of people from the Apple iTunes store. So, how do we market an app? We first need to get it to the store, optimize the listing, get good ratings, post it all over the Internet, etc. If we’re able to produce a quality app and market it correctly, the rewards can be huge. A promo video can boost our exposure, both …

Is it Worth it to Make a Product Video for an Online Store?

How do you increase your online sales? There are a lot of tactics that can be implemented to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce solution. Good pictures and descriptions are simply not enough anymore: reviews, credible copy, landing page optimization – all those items are no longer guarantors of success in the world of online commerce – they are a prerequisite. Web videos are on a fast-track to joining them as defining elements of a well-built Internet store. Below is an example of a perfectly executed product review video combined with rating, price range, and a well-organized, thorough, credible …

Marketing Video Editing Case Study for Sports Apparel Company

We were approached by representatives of Everlast, arguably the most recognizable name of an apparel and equipment manufacturing company in the boxing and mixed martial arts world. What Everlast needed was help with editing a bunch of random footage, stills, and animations they had compiled over the years but never used. Instead of letting all this material go to waste, we edited hours of footage and put it together in a form of advertising/marketing video that Everlast later used for internal meetings, training sessions, and as motivator for their own employees to increase morale.

Everlast could spend a lot of money on …

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