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High End Video Production Company – Indigo Productions Demo Reel Testimonials

Over the years, Indigo Productions has worked with some of the most recognizable names across a wide range of industries and Fortune 500 companies. The video presented above is our old demo reel with testimonials from executives of such companies. We are about to roll out a new high end video production reel for 2013-2014 fiscal years, so we decided to share this old reel with you one last time before turning it over to the cold storage archive.

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Author: Max Rosen

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Brian …

How to get More Budget for Corporate Video Production?

A professionally produced corporate video, with a strong concept, can be a powerful tool for training, marketing, branding, or communications in general. It can be used to increase the company’s public presence, and support you in selling an idea to your clients, your colleagues, or your Board of Directors.

Creating a video might be a great idea, but before the production can begin you’ll need to justify the expense to the person responsible for budgeting at your organization. After all, every company is keenly interested in increasing the bottom line, so any potential video project will be judged by how …

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