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Indigo Productions Featured As Global Leader in Video Production on Clutch

Indigo Productions recently secured a place among leading B2B service providers worldwide as one of 15 Global Leaders in video production.

This award was given by Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform that examines over 7,000 video production companies, marketing agencies, and IT companies. Their research aims to give business buyers the information they need to make purchasing and partnering decisions. To do so, Clutch ranks agencies based on a complex research methodology with over one dozen factors. The results of their research are released in Leaders Matrices, where Indigo Productions ranks #14 of 845 firms.

Although there are …

Video Production Pedagogy at Harvard University

Harvard University has just announced its plan to open a new addition to the Widener Library. Beginning October 2013, the library’s concourse level will be host to a new, state-of-the-art video production studio. The purpose of this new facility is pedagogical in nature. it will provide Harvard’s faculty and staff the tools for creating new multimedia content for their classes – both on-campus and online.

This new development comes in line with Harvard’s drive towards bringing its centuries-old traditions of quality education into the Age of Information. The studio itself will be managed jointly by the Faculty of …

Video Production Software From Adobe Creative Cloud Suite to be Updated

The software giant Adobe Systems, Inc is rumored to give a much-anticipated preview to their video production suite. The software packages to get a new makeover include Adobe After Effects,  Premiere, Speedgrade, and Prelude. The software’s new features (over 150 of them!) will be announced at the upcoming International Broadcasting Convention (IBC2013) exhibit held between September 13 and 17 (the conference opens up a day ahead of the exhibition and will also run until the 17th).

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like the new and improved video production tools will add to the users’ efficiency – the updated software …

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Music Video?

By Max Rosen, President & CEO, Indigo Productions

Today we are witnessing a renaissance in the music video art form, with more and more artists and record labels opting to release Video Singles in place of traditional Audio Singles.

The rise of YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and a myriad of other digital video platforms are empowering artists to share and promote themselves in new and innovative ways.

So… How much do music videos cost to produce? And where does the money go?


Music video production budgets typically cover concept development, storyboards, pre-production, casting, on-camera talent, choreography, rehearsals, location fees, …

Los Angeles Online Video Production Increases by 63.1% in Q2 2013

While searching the web, we found some good news – at least for the online video production industry on the West Coast posted by Joshua Cohen on TubeFilter in his article Los Angeles Sees 63% Increase In Online Video Productions. The number is a year-over-year increase and includes projects done in L.A. itself, as well as in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Joshua quotes his data from a report published by FilmL.A., a non-profit organization, self-described as:

“a private, 501(c)4 not-for-profit organization established for the public benefit. …

Hispanic Video Production – Telemundo Launches an LA-Based Multiplatform Production Studio: Fluency

From the News! Courtesy of Huffington Post (coincidentally, one of our favorite news websites): Indigo Productions just learned that Telemundo, perhaps the most well-known American TV station catering to the growing U.S. Latino community, has just opened a new video production studio named Fluency. Fluency is a multiplatform video production studio based in Los Angeles, which soon will begin releasing content in both English and Spanish catering to various Spanish-speaking segments.

Nostalgia for Old Film Technology Reins at SXSW

Retro video production is back! At least it is at the South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conferences & Festivals, where old new meet news!

According to reports from the festival, which is going on right now – March 8-17 for the overall event and March 8-16 for the film-related sessions – has screened films that are very nostalgic after the older technologies, such as VHS.

According to an article by Mekado Murphy posted yesterday on the the New York Times  Arts Beat blog, the old tech is in full swing at the festival. Even though latest technologies still rule …

News: Vevo Moves Past YouTube, Eyes Cable TV

Vevo, a music video service known to any self-respecting YouTube user, is eyeing cable TV as possible next step in its quest to becoming the Internet’s most recognizable service of its kind. In order to secure this deal, Vevo decided to start webcasting TV-style channels – pre-programmed, linear videos, thus diminishing its reliance on YouTube.

As part of the CEO, Rio Caraeff’s plan for achieving this goal, Vevo has started a new service – Vevo TV a non-stop music channel that viewers can watch on the company’s website or on their smartphones, Roku, or Xbox consoles. This could be followed …

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