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Amplify your social campaigns with YouTube collaborations

What if you could generate millions of views without shooting a frame of footage? What if you could get your promotional message dropped in the lap of your ideal audience with an ad spend of $0?

When it comes to social media campaigns, “What do we need to create?” is often the initial question. And that’s certainly not wrong. You should be creating valuable content.

But with the rising costs of distribution on social platforms, and the massive competition for attention, “breaking out” can be a difficult and expensive proposition.

When Sony Pictures Entertainment hired us …

Empeopled – New Interest-Based Social Media Network Worth Checking Out!

There are many social media websites out there and more are popping up each day. Some will make it big, some will fail miserably – time will tell. One of those new social websites – currently in beta mode – we found worth mentioning is called Empeopled. You should definitely check it out!

Empeopled is an interest-based social media network, where users select groups – called societies – based on an area of science, industry, or interest. Every group is a collection of posts made by its users. The posts are displayed in order of votes they received – each …

How Can Web Videos Help My Marketing Efforts?

There are many ways in which videos and Internet can grow your business, including:

9 Brands That Dominate the Social Media [Infographic]

Here are 10 brands that dominate the social media, that is experienced the highest growth since August 2013 – data as of 10/16/2013:

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