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3 Ways Video Production Boosts Attorney Internet Marketing

There are an awful lot of lawyers out there, and just as many different lawyer websites. If you’re a Chicago DUI attorney, a personal injury attorney, or any other type of litigator, how do you make your website- and other marketing materials- stand out from the rest?

The answer is simple, and probably obvious. Use corporate video production! Here are the three best reasons that video production is a great marketing tool for your law firm.

Failed Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Example from Chicago

In our yesterday’s blog article, we looked at 50 amazing guerrilla marketing examples. Lets now focus on a single Guerrilla Advertising example and take a closer look at what they did. The subject of our study is a “Texting can wait” campaign carried our by a car mechanic Erie-LaSalle Body Shop in Chicago, IL. The sponsors of this campaign include the Chicago Fire Department, 100 Club of Chicago, and Chicago Police Department. The campaign is part of a broader initiative – sponsored by AT&T and Verizon.

I’ve noticed the car below parked on the corner of Erie and LaSalle in …

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