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Real Estate Websites Can Greatly Benefit from Virtual Tour Videos

How Can Video Production Help Real Estate? Virtual Tours for Properties

In today’s day and age – which some already call the Age of Information – videos are used by businesses for a variety of purposes in many different industries. Lets look at one industry in particular – real estate. How can realtors use video production to further their sales? One important type of videos available to them are property virtual tour videos.

How to Use a Corporate Blog for Lead Generation?

By Konrad A. Kociszewski

Back in mid to late 90’s every business needed a website but barely any of those businesses knew WHY. Now that the general population is much more tech savvy the benefits of a strong web presence are more obvious. Many businesses nowadays know that this presence can be made stronger by smart utilization of a corporate blog. They even know why they need a blog. Unfortunately, many still don’t know HOW to utilize their corporate blogs to positively affect the bottom line – hopefully, this article can be of …

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