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How to Get Your Social Media Sales to Increase Drastically and Measure your Marketing ROI

First every business needed a website. Then they needed to have a video. Subsequently, everybody knew they needed to be ‘on Facebook’ and ‘to tweet’ and do ‘social media marketing’ and use a bunch of other buzzwords without really knowing the real meaning behind them. As with video production and website design before that, business owners still don’t quite know why. By definition, every business activity is performed in order to ‘increase the wealth of shareholders,’ that is make money! In this article, we’ll try to explain how to get your social media sales to increase and measure the ROI …

Real Estate Websites Can Greatly Benefit from Virtual Tour Videos

How Can Video Production Help Real Estate? Virtual Tours for Properties

In today’s day and age – which some already call the Age of Information – videos are used by businesses for a variety of purposes in many different industries. Lets look at one industry in particular – real estate. How can realtors use video production to further their sales? One important type of videos available to them are property virtual tour videos.

Is it Worth it to Make a Product Video for an Online Store?

How do you increase your online sales? There are a lot of tactics that can be implemented to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce solution. Good pictures and descriptions are simply not enough anymore: reviews, credible copy, landing page optimization – all those items are no longer guarantors of success in the world of online commerce – they are a prerequisite. Web videos are on a fast-track to joining them as defining elements of a well-built Internet store. Below is an example of a perfectly executed product review video combined with rating, price range, and a well-organized, thorough, credible …

How to Use a Corporate Blog for Lead Generation?

By Konrad A. Kociszewski

Back in mid to late 90’s every business needed a website but barely any of those businesses knew WHY. Now that the general population is much more tech savvy the benefits of a strong web presence are more obvious. Many businesses nowadays know that this presence can be made stronger by smart utilization of a corporate blog. They even know why they need a blog. Unfortunately, many still don’t know HOW to utilize their corporate blogs to positively affect the bottom line – hopefully, this article can be of …

Advertising Video Production Project for a University with Campuses Worldwide – Case Study

Indigo Productions has been approached by New York University (NYU) to help them with a slight problem. NYU has a great study abroad program with numerous foreign campuses available for students to choose from but lacked in a marketing tool to bring awareness to the Study Away program. The international campuses include Abu Dhabi, Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Madrid, and Paris – to name just a few.

NYU already had a great product, they just needed the right marketing tool to increase enrollment, so they came to us. We’ve done previous projects for the University, so they knew …

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