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Top 10 Mafia Movies of All Time

We all have our own list of our favorite motion pictures and genres that we could watch over and over again. Are you primarily a fan of comedies?  Action flicks?  Sci Fi?  Once in a while though, we want to see something different. Just like with food: A person with a sweet tooth may all of a sudden feel like having something salty and a vegetarian even might one day wake up with a craving for bacon (they might not admit it but everybody wants bacon once in a while)! When like this happens, we may want to use somebody else’s list.

1939. Secret of Westerplatter, starring Michał Żebrowski (center)

1939. Secret of Westerplatte – Historic Film Review from the Polish Film Festival in America

We have always been interested in Polish Cinema which has a surprising amount of hidden gems to offer. Beginning with the silent films from the first decade of last century, through the Iron Curtain times, to modern Polish cinematography, Poland has managed to create many interesting pieces – and receive 12 Oscars in the process.

While the newer productions from Poland have certainly been heavily influenced by Hollywood, they always have this indie feel to them and often seem more realistic – and at the same time slightly less action-packed -than those made here in America (think Rambo).

The newest …

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