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Famous For Six Seconds – The World of Vine

In just a year and a half, the Vine app has already become one of the biggest social media platforms, allowing users to shoot and share six-second videos.

Now, an entire group of Vine celebrities turned their hobby into a financially successful platform, earning thousands of dollars for partnering with Fortune 500 companies.

Have you heard of Nash Grier?  King Bach?  What about Brittany Furlan or Jerome Jarre or Alx James?  If you’re on Vine you have.  These five people combined have approximately 31 million followers.  And many of them are making six figures a year.

Sponsored messages are nothing new.  Twitter has been doing it for years.  The difference is that Twitter often pays established celebrities whereas Vine celebs are virtually unknown to the masses.  And yet, they’ve done work for Trident, MTV, Virgin Mobile, Xbox, Sony, Nokia, Nike, BMW, GE Budweiser, Mercedes and Disney among others.  Many of these videos are only contractually live for seven days.

Rob Fishman, co-owner of Niche, an advertising agency dedicated to connecting brands with online social media stars, explains the appeal.  “What we’re finding is brands realize they need to be huge on Instagram and Vine,” says Fishman. “They know the audience is on social media but they don’t know how to be there too.  What we’re offering is link up with incredible forces on these platforms and have them become ambassadors for what a brand is doing.”

GrapeStory, co-founded by top-fiver Jerome Harre and brand consultant Gary Vaynerchuck, currently has between 20 and 30 “Vine stars” signed on.  And according to Vaynerchuck, “every brand working with a Vine celebrity right now is getting a steal.”

Owned by Twitter, Vine’s rules are simple: videos are made and broadcast through the app, and they can be no longer than six seconds and consist of six frames.  For these Vine stars, the appeal is the freedom and the creativity and the ability to make a living at it.

Check out the top five Vine stars below with a sample Vine video from each of them:


1.  Nash Grier (7.8M Followers)  


2. King Bach (6.5M Followers)


3.  Brittany Furlan (6.1M Followers)


4. Jerome Jarre (5.6M Followers)


5. Alx James (5M Followers)

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