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How Can I Get My YouTube Video to Rank in Google?

Have you posted your video commercial on YouTube with hopes that Google would pick it up and display it in their search result pages for relevant keywords?  Did you fail?  If so, continue reading as we will explain some basics of video optimization.

First of all, you want to decide on your keywords.  What is your prospective client likely to type into Google when searching for the services or products that you offer?  If you have problems coming up with some good examples, you can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner—a free service from Google for their advertisers to perform keyword research.

When you have your keywords ready and video uploaded to YouTube, you can begin the optimization process:

1) Title of the video—you want to include your full keyword phrase in the title.  Ideally, the title would start with the keywords.  You also want to add your geographical target to face less competition.  So, if you offer computer repair services in New York and the video deals with virus removal on a PC, your title could be “New York Computer Repair Company Explains How to Remove a Virus from a PC Computer.”

2) Good description—you want to repeat all your keywords in the description.  Don’t just list your keywords—write a quality, compelling description that would entice users to click on your video.  You can also transcribe the video and put that text as part of your description.

3) Don’t forget to tag your video!  YouTube allows you to add tags to your video—that is excellent place to list your targeted keywords!

4) Select the right category—category selection is very important, so select a category that matches your industry/product/service as closely as possible.

5) Get some views, comments, and thumbs up—you can email the YouTube link to all your friends and family—ask them to spread the word!  Do the same at your workplace.  Post your video to all your social media profiles and ask your connection to like it and share with their connection—encourage comments—a good discussion will help Google decide if the video is what people want to see or not.

6) Don’t give up—if your video doesn’t begin to rank right away, don’t give up!  The whole process might takes weeks if not months!  Just be steadfast and continue promoting your video and good things will come your way!

Hope this helps!  If you need help with creating good video for your video optimization efforts, check out out web video production page and contact us!

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