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Branding Video Production Can Be Boosted By Social Issues Awareness

As Neil Davidson points out in his article on the Business 2 Community website, big brands face a big opportunity thanks to video production.  More specifically, web videos commissioned by big brands can serve multiple purposes.  If the company chooses to touch upon important social issues in their videos, they can have an enormous impact on the public’s awareness of the given issue.

Since a corporation is already spending money on video production, why not intertwine an important message that can help those in need?  Doing so not only helps people affected by the given issue but also helps to build the company’s brand and improve its overall image.

More and more, consumers are demanding that entities they buy products or services from are responsible corporate citizens.  Same goes for investors—there are certain trust funds, as well as individual investors, out there that only invest their money in stocks of corporations that have proven they are ethical and devoted to corporate social responsibility.

According to current research, brands shouldn’t separate branding activities from videos done solely for raising awareness of certain social issues.  They should align their brand’s message with the cause they promote.  This way, their efforts are much more cost-effective and the public opinion is more likely to hold a positive view of the corporation.  The corporation comes through as really committed to the social issues they advocate—separating the two can be perceived as a PR stunt, as opposed to genuine concern for the well-being of others.

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