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Aerial Video Production Gets Much Less Expensive Thanks to Drones

When we think of drones, most of us certainly do not think of video production.  We either think of evil killer robots from science fiction films and books or we think about U.S. Army and Big Brother spying on us all.  Turns out drones can be used for other, less sinister, purposes.  We have mentioned it before on our Facebook page.

Aerial video production can get very expensive.  Expenses such as renting a helicopter with a crew, installing video equipment—the list goes on.  Where possible, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, often called a drone) can do the same job for much less money—and much more safely.  Chopper accidents are not overly common but they do happen.

What needs to be mentioned though, using a drone to shoot aerial videos or taking pictures requires approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Operating an UAV for your business without such approval is illegal and the FAA can slap you with a hefty fine.

Fortunately, Congress approved the bill that would open the air space in United States for privately owned drones—without needing to obtain a permission and paying a fee to the FAA.  The law is expected to take effect in September 2015.

If you’d like to know more about aerial videos, please visit our aerial video production page on our main website.

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