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Windows 8.1 Crashes After Being Updated—Should I Upgrade My Windows 8 to 8.1?

Last week I updated my Windows 8 laptop.  I first did some research online to figure out should I upgrade my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 or not.  I have read some articles on technology blogs and the reviews were positive, thus my laptop is now a Windows 8.1.  Not happy with my decision.

As I stated before the update has been downloaded a week ago.  Since that time, the computer froze twice already, which is a pretty high rate considering it has only been one measly week!  The first time it happened, I assumed the system crashed, so I attempted a soft reset with the dreaded combination of crtl+alt+delete but it was not enough and a hard reset (read: pressing and holding down the on/off button).

Windows 8.1 freezing after upgrade, Image: Indigo Productions

Windows 8.1 freezing after upgrade, Image: Indigo Productions

Does Windows 8.1 Crash Often?


The second time my screen froze, which was today, I gave it about five minutes and the computer recovered by itself—no restart, no error messages—it just started working again.  It’s worth mentioning that the laptop never had this issue before (it’s relatively new—less than six months old).

Should I Upgrade my Windows 8 to 8.1?

Now, if you asked my opinion if you should update to the newest Windows OS, I’d be very tempted to say no—save yourself the 3.5 Gb of hard drive space that the update takes—BUT there are some mitigating factors that might affect my decision.

When Microsoft comes up with security updates (Windows 8.1 has had 10 security patches published already) they will require Windows 8.1, so if you want to stay current, you don’t have much choice.  The support will be phased out as well, although this process will take a bit longer.

Planned Windows 8.2 Rumored to Come with the Start Button

Neither Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 have the start menu, a staple of all the previous Windows versions, but rumors tell us Windows 8.2 may see the return of the start button!

IMPORTANT TIP!  If you’re still not used to Windows 8 without the start button, there is a free software that adds this functionality called Classic Shell that offers a free software that adds start menu to Windows 8.

Benefits of Downloading 8.1

There are some pros that come with the new Windows OS, such as better multitasking, inclusion of the Universal Search, improved apps and support for the multi-monitor users.

Have you downloaded 8.1 and have strong feelings about it?  Please, let us know—feel free to leave a comment below!

Thank you!


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