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Have you heard of the Harlem Shake?

Chances are you’ve at least heard the phrase.  While the dance itself goes back into history, early this year it became a viral video hit sensation, amassing millions of views on YouTube and—more importantly—hundreds of imitators.  While it’s a simple 30-second dance that requires no special talent, and might even look rather juvenile, one of the reasons it first went viral was because an early imitator was Maker Studios, a larger business.  Employees of Maker Studios created their own video—not as a sales pitch or a direct marketing tool, but just because—and that video now has nearly 32 million views.  How can you repeat this?

Bear in mind, Maker Studios wasn’t jumping on every meme bandwagon it could find.  Nor should you.  That sort of approach comes off as desperate.  So how do you know if being part of a trend can work for your business?

Google Trends for the Harlem Shake Viral Meme Video

Be selective.  Weed out most, if not just about every one, of the proposals.  Make sure that the trend you want to get in on isn’t accidentally inappropriate in some way—make sure you do your research.  After all, your goal is to be seen as a hip company and get your name more widely spread and publicly known.  You don’t want to accidentally jump on something that may have immediate negative repercussions.

However, when you do find the trend you want to be a part of, put everything you have into it.  Do it correctly, and do it big.  If done correctly, you won’t be just “one more company” following the trend.  Have a different take on it, make it different, unique, and yours.  Own it—kick it up a notch.  That way, you’ll be an important milestone in the meme’s history.  And when it gets reported on morning talk shows and listed on Wikipedia and other authoritative websites, your brand is sure to be mentioned.  Furthermore, you can put links to your company website and your other videos on your entertaining viral meme video, and even if a small percentage of viewers click through, that could be very meaningful if you reach the multimillion mark.

It may seem goofy, and it’s not for every company.  But if you think it might be for yours, contact Indigo Productions to talk it over.  These kinds of videos are usually short, inexpensive, and fun to produce.  And clearly, they can have quite a major impact.  We’re still talking about Maker Studios almost a year after they made their video, and it’s getting comments up to this month yet.  Indigo has experience here—not too long ago, our video parody “JK Divorce Entrance Dance” captured over 10 million views on YouTube.  We can help you leverage this viral video meme marketing potential for your company too.  Call us today at 212-765-5224.

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