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Rebecca Black is Back for Saturday

You probably remember Internet sensation Rebecca Black and her earworm of a song, “Friday,” from two years ago.  You may not be very happy we’ve brought it back into your mind, either.  “Friday” was hailed as the “worst song of all time,” but got millions of YouTube views and became some strange sort of phenomenon overnight.  Well, after two years, Rebecca Black is back with the only logical follow-up to “Friday”: “Saturday.”

Rebecca Black Saturday

Saturday already has nearly 10 million views, and is still climbing fast.  Collaborating with fellow YouTube musician Dave Days—clearly an appropriate surname for a performer in this song—”Saturday” is far more well-liked than “Friday,” and contains plenty of shout-outs to the two-year-old song as well as references to popular musicians such as Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and others.  Black shows a lot of self-awareness and seems to just be having fun at this point.

Most of us lost track with Black since Friday, but she’s maintained a loyal following of fans for various videos and other projects, including some covers of popular songs.  She’s also taken vocal lessons, and you can hear the difference.  If Rebecca Black keeps it up at her current rate, in another twelve years she’ll have a song for every day of the week, and be 28 years old—certainly a long time for a concept album.  Black is truly an artist without precedent.

On a video production note, you can tell that Black went with a better studio and better cameras this time around, which resulted in a higher production value for the video all around.  That’s the difference between the lower quality production studio that shot “Friday” and a professional video production house.  Not that you probably want to go back to compare!

Watch Black’s new song, “Saturday,” on YouTube.

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