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Can I Have a Start Menu in Windows 8?

The start button has been one of the most recognizable features of every Windows operating system (OS) from Windows 95—a great improvement (especially in ease of use) from all the previous versions.  People, as creatures of habit, have grown to rely on the start menu to navigate all the programs and applications they use through Windows.  Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to cut this portion out of their OS for Windows 8.

Allegedly, the reason for this was to account for touchscreens and make MS Windows to be inherently touchscreen-friendly.  For reasons beyond the mind of a mere mortal, the Microsoft Windows team has decided to keep the start button out of Windows even for the computers without a touchscreen, so: Can I have a start menu in Windows 8?  Is there a way to force Windows 8 to show the start button in the bottom-left corner of the screen?  Fortunately, YES!

Many people were hoping for the latest release, the much-talked-about Windows 8.1, to come with the start button reinstated.  One would think they’d do so seeing as everybody is complaining about the lack of the feature.  So how do we get it back?  Here are the main three options we have:

1) Install an older version of Windows—obviously that means no more updates nor support.  I for one wouldn’t really miss that part.

2) Wait for the next release—according to rumors circulating among technology blogs, the next planned update—unofficially referred to as Windows 8.2 (supposedly the name is used internally by Microsoft staff).

3) Install an unauthorized, third-party application to bring back the start button—the one I use is called Classic Shell.

Classic Shell Start Menu Review

So, is Classic Shell a good option?  Well, I have to say I strongly believe so.  I have been using this app on several of my computers and know people who have used it as well.  After several months of using, neither I nor any of the people I spoke with have not had any troubles at all—that’s BIG when Windows is the subject!

Moreover, the application has, so far, seen regular updates and support.

It is also free!  There are many commercial versions of this application and none that I know of offers anything remotely justifying the cost over the Classic Shell free solution.

It brings some other enhancements to Windows, if desired, such as an MS Internet Explorer that reverts back to having custom toolbars and other older features for folder and file panes, as well as title and status bar features.

It is fast, reliable, fat-free (which keeps the load off of your hard disk drive and RAM usage) and allows for a lot of customization.

I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stars, because so far I haven’t been able to find any disadvantages of using this add-on.


Thank you for reading; hope you found this article useful!  If you’d like to download Classic Shell extension for Windows 8 Start Menu, head over to their website:

We welcome all comments with feedback, criticism, and alternative options!


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