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What is Crowdsourcing Video Production?

Crowdsourcing is the latest buzzword used in a variety of industries, not least of all video production, but what does it actually mean and how can it help me? The word itself – coined back in 2006 in a Wired magazine article – means “outsourcing to a crowd,” as opposed to farming out work to a single individual or a company.

When a business (typically a start-up or a non-profit organization) needs a project done, such as a new corporate video, instead of sending our RFP’s to different video production companies, the organization turns to the online community in search of talent and ideas for their upcoming undertaking. There are several websites that facilitate this process and connect people with other like-minded individuals.

The main advantage of crowdsourcing is two-fold. First, it allows you to tap into a much larger pool of professionals. You get to utilize the creativity and skills of people from a wide range of backgrounds and you get to select those with the best ideas and/or those who are the best fit for your project. Secondly, you will typically get many bids on all the tasks – or work packets – involved in the project, so you can also select from your talent pool based on the bid amount, thus keep your costs down.

Crowdsourcing is in a very real sens a commercial application of the open source movement. Projects, such as Mozilla, Filezilla, and other “Zilla’s” have been “crowdsourced” – the only difference is that people donated their time and the end-product was owned by the collective, not an individual or a company. An interesting example is development of Bugzilla, which is an open-source project management software created to manage open-source projects. More specifically, as many different ‘Zilla software packages grew, bugs found in the programs were assigned for fixing to a specific person or a group and Bugzilla was used to manage all those bugs and their relationships.

A specific type of crowdsourcing is called crowdfunding – it revolves around the idea that a project, such as a film – can be funded and produced by a large group of people that have never meat before. More on this in our next blog post!

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