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Video Production Academics and Professionals Needed for University Connection Interviews!

University Connection by Indigo ProductionsBy  and the Indigo Productions University Connection Team

Indigo Productions cordially invites all film and video productions professionals, as well as academics, who are interested in tutoring and passing their skills and knowledge to the younger generation, to submit volunteer for an interview with the University Connection.

The University Connection is an initiative by Indigo Productions whose goal is promotion of film and video production, as a career choice and a field of study for pupils, students, as well as young professionals in the United States and abroad. Simply put, we love what we do and we aim to educate others and provide them with educational tools and resources to develop their knowledge and skill sets. Our objective is not only to help young professionals build their resumes (or CV – Curriculum Vitae – for those of you who are outside the US) but also fall in love in video production and multimedia, because it is a truly rewarding career!

If you are a video production professional, a professor at an accredited University, a video production instructor, or even a student, we would love to hear from you! Please, send us an email to and tell us about yourself! Film and multimedia persons are also strongly encouraged to apply! You can opt in to be interviewed or write an article/essay about your experiences, ideas, or a topic of your choosing. In the latter case, please check with us first to give us a chance to approve the article idea before you spend time creating it. If you’d like to nominate somebody else (your professor, mentor, supervicor, tc.)

Full credit will be given, including a photograph, bio, authorship link to your Google Plus page and LinkedIn profile. Don’t know how to create one or need help making it stand out more? We’ll be glad to help! If you so desire, we can link back to your website as well – if you so choose (free promotion)!

Lastly, you’ll get a chance to improve your resume and display a certification on your wall or in your portfolio. An Indigo Productions certificate means excellence! It is also one of a few certifications in the video production industry that endorses you and your achievement, which is a nice bonus to the main prize: knowing that you helped change somebody’s life for better!

To Contact Indigo Production University Connection, please send a message to

Some of the articles created thanks to the University Connection include:

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About Indigo Productions

Indigo Productions is a leading video production company in New York that caters to fortune 500 companies in every State of the Union, with special focus on: New York, NY – Chicago, ILLos Angeles, CA and countries all over the the World – including United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, and United Arab Emirates – to name just a few.

Contact University Connection by Indigo Productions by email –

P.S. If you are a student looking for help, please do not hesitate to ask!

Respectfully Yours,

Indigo Productions University Connection Team

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