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The New Search Engine – YouTube

Optimize Your Videos. Get Your Videos Watched on YouTube.

What’s the largest search engine on the internet? Obviously, it’s Google – hopefully you guessed that one right. But what’s the second largest search engine?

If you guessed Bing or Yahoo, you may be surprised to learn that it’s actually YouTube. (If you guessed Excite or AskJeeves, you might be really surprised.) That’s right, even though YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube’s search bar is still the second-most popular in its own right. So while you should be optimizing your video for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others, you should also be optimizing it for what seems like the most obvious search engine- YouTube.

Is optimizing for YouTube really that different than other search engines? Well, much of the same techniques work for both. You want a relevant title that includes your main keywords, and a description that restates these keywords and goes a little more in-depth. It’s also important to make the thumbnail of your video appealing, and it should obviously relate to the title. If your video is titled “Epic Stunt Car Crash,” don’t make the mistake of trying to keep the best shot secret until a user views the video. Instead, give us a sneak preview of the car crash! Trust me, we’re going to want to see more than just one frame, so if it looks good, we’ll click. Also make sure to upload a large, HD thumbnail, so it looks crisp and sharp no matter what size or location it’s displayed in.

There are a few other things you should definitely put in your video’s description. Link to your social media pages and your website, and also link to other relevant videos you’ve uploaded. Also provide your viewers with a quick and easy link to subscribe to your channel- that alone will do half the work for you for all of your future videos. YouTube now has default options to help you keep track of what you should be linking, so there’s absolutely no excuse not to. Remember to ask your viewers to like your video, but stay polite- the dislike button is only a few pixels away!

Adding keywords to your tagged section is obvious, but make sure you have a good mix of vague and specific. Don’t just include tags like “car crash” and “explosion,” also tag things like “sports car,” “fire,” and even the very general “cool videos.”

YouTube’s search algorithms aren’t studied anywhere near as closely as Google’s are, but YouTube offers a lot less customization than the world wide web in general. Your views and likes are most likely also taken into account for your search ranking, but there’s not much you can do about that; remember, if you try and watch your own video a million times, YouTube will just delete it. With these tactics, though, your video is more likely to get hits, making it even more searchable, giving it even more… onwards and upwards.

If you need to start putting videos on YouTube but don’t have anything to upload, Indigo can help. Contact us at 212-765-5224 or email us through our contact page, and we can get started on your YouTube presence right away.

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