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Sports Promo Video Idea – This Hockey Star Shoots and Scores

Sports Video Production – This Hockey Star Shoots and Scores

CBS just had a great article on sports video production and hockey ace named Carolyn Draayer, and wow, her talents are certainly impressive! Draayer finds time to both play the sport, and to shoot and edit her own promo videos for the team. I wish I had those time management skills.

This article shows us her hockey promo video right next to the official video for the Gophers, and it gives us a chance to compare them. Let’s check out Draayer’s first.

Check out her use of all those cinematic shots- like the slow rack focus on the uniforms, the floor shots of the team’s feet and skates, and the powerful jump cuts as the players approach the camera. Watching the video makes you feel like you’re watching a classic sports movie as it hits the climax. All of these little shooting and editing tricks are relatively easy regardless of your time and budget, but when they’re used together, they really add up. I did mention Draayer is just a college junior who also plays the sport, goes to classes, and has a hundred other things on her schedule too, right?

The production house has the advantage of more time and presumably more budget, and it also has real footage of various games. It starts out with some of the same cinematic techniques- multiple rack focuses, taking in the empty locker room, watching a player suit up- while cutting to shots of the interviews at key times. This promo video starts off like a film, and finishes off closer to a post-game show. One trick this production house did that I really liked was the zoom into the television displaying past games. Seeing an old coach, victories of years gone by, the raster lines on the television fading away as the screen expands to fill up the whole frame… then it’s back to the present, a clear transition implying the proud history the current Gophers are adding to. It’s also a nice touch that the video quality gets better as time progresses; starting from a distance is also a handy trick to sneak in old film that wouldn’t look right blown up to modern resolutions and aspect ratios.

It really says something that Draayer’s promo video, which was shot and edited in just 20 hours, can stand besides the production house’s promo video, and on such an equal footing. Draayer hopes to get hired at a video production company, but I have to agree with the article on this one- video production companies should hope they get to hire her.

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