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High End Video Production Company – Indigo Productions Demo Reel Testimonials

Over the years, Indigo Productions has worked with some of the most recognizable names across a wide range of industries and Fortune 500 companies. The video presented above is our old demo reel with testimonials from executives of such companies. We are about to roll out a new high end video production reel for 2013-2014 fiscal years, so we decided to share this old reel with you one last time before turning it over to the cold storage archive.

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Author: Max Rosen

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Brian Sharoff, President, PLMA: Indigo Productions is our media Guru.

Janet Henderson, VP Human Resources, Lancôme: They are the best at what they do!

Jim Burke, Senior VP, Revlon: Indigo provided an incredible solution to our communication needs.

David Stanko, Tech Development, Redken: Indigo listens to the client!

Maria Cerminara, AVP Marketing, L’Oreal: They really wanted a masterpiece and they delivered on that.

Gloria Pflanz, VP Training, Revlon:  They Came through on budget, they came through on delivery time.

Jenna Sheldon, AVP, L’Oreal:  Indigo Productions is the creative resource specialists (sic), I know the quality of the product is superior.

Norman Adler, President, Bolton – St. John’s: I have no reservations about recommending Indigo Productions to anybody.

Monica Rivera, Manager, Education Worldwide, Origins: Indigo came right in and knew exactly what our needs were and helped us launch our number one selling product and it was a total success.

Dana Young, Executive Assistant, Fimat USA: They understand technology and they use it creatively.

Indigo has the ability to understand marketing, branding, training, PR, launches..

Deirdre Govan-Legrand, Manager, Marketing Communications,  L’Oreal: When I first looked at a few of the tapes, I was blown away!

Monte Byers, Chief of Staff, United Brotherhood of Carpenters: When I work with Indigo Productions what happens is they take my idea and they make it better.

Gary DeWaal, Senior Executive VP, Fimat USA: There are lots of reasons why we work with Indigo: the confidence, technical acumen, fairness in price, reliability..

Together: Creativity, innovation, timeliness.. partnership, the loyalty. They deliver what they say they’re going to deliver. I would definitely recommend Indigo Productions. These guys know what they’re doing, they do it better than anybody else, and they do it at a price we can afford – what more can you say than that?

Stay tuned for the new high-end video production demo reel from Indigo Productions!

High End Video Production Company - Indigo Productions Demo Reel Testimonials
High End Video Production Company - Indigo Productions Demo Reel Testimonials

High End Video Production services offered by Indigo Productions - - are always bona fide high-end productions, as presented by the testimonials for Indigo Productions - often from executives of fortune 500 executives - shown in this video production company demo reel. Indigo Productions is a brand recognized in every State of the Union from New York to Illinois and California; from New York City, NY to Chicago, IL and Los Angles, CA - as well as Worldwide from United States and Canada to Poland and Germany, as well as all over Asia, where one of our viral video productions has been named the #1 most viewed video in Asia!

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