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Foo Fighters Play Mexico – Announce it with Video

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Here’s a funny little story. The famous band Foo Fighters are playing their first ever show in Mexico, and how do they tell the world? Through a humorous, under-two-minute promotional video:

Erik EstradaIt’s short, sweet, and simple, but I guarantee that announcing it this way is a lot more effective than making a normal press release or even sending out a mass email. Of course, doing those things in addition to the video is also effective, but making the video the centerpiece of the campaign gives people something to pay attention to. If you just read “the Foo Fighters are playing Mexico,” you’d have forgotten it in another ten minutes. But if you devote a minute or two of your life to a funny short movie, you’re going to remember it well. That’s the kind of mental presence you want to have with your potential customers.

Having a celebrity cameo is also a big help. Obviously, this short is about the Foo Fighters, and they’re celebrities enough to carry it on their own if they had to. But your band, or product, or company, just might not be quite as famous as an international rock band. It’s not a bad idea to consider finding a minor celebrity to give your video an extra draw. I’m not talking George Clooney here – if you can get him, go for it, but Erik Estrada, the motorcyclist at the end, is mostly famous for a show that happened in the late 1970s and early 1980s (CHiPs, if you’ve forgotten). Now he’s known for some infomercials and voice acting- he’s a recognizable face, enough that people think they should know him even if they don’t, and that’s all that you need. He’s also got specific audience appeal, since this video mainly targets people in Mexico- so that’s why he was the right celebrity for the job.

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