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Email Marketing Video Production – Have You Tried it Yet?

If not, then it’s about time to consider it! According to a recent survey 82% of marketers agree that video email marketing is an effective tool for their email bast efforts. Out of 600 respondents who took part in the survey, 60% are currently using videos in their email marketing campaigns (the same survey last year found that number to be 52% which gives us an 8% increase year-to-year) – 82% of those are glad they gave it a shot!

Here are some key statistics:

51% agreed that including a direct link to the video is the best way to utilize videos for email blasts.
60% have seen increased conversions from their email campaigns after adding videos to the mix.
73% found email marketing videos to be most valuable when used for product and service promotions

Source: 82% Marketers Say Video Email Marketing is Effective by ReelSEO

What’s the take-away? Well, we have seen numerous signs that people watch more and more videos online, a phenomenon facilitated by ever-improving average speed of the Internet connection in American households. Same is true for European Union and other countries around the world.

Now, what does that mean for your corporate marketing budget? The first answer that comes to mind is that we’ll need to spend more money with video production companies to create content for our email marketing campaigns. Is that so? Well, not necessarily. Most likely your company or organization is already creating web videos. If that is true, then instead of spending more money, you may be able to get higher ROI from your current video production budget.

The key here is multipurpousing. If your company is already producing web videos, you can simply go to the person in charge of those projects and see if you can cooperate and use those videos for your email blasts as well. Pooling resources might actually mean more budget for your video production project without adding additional costs. We touched upon this in our last year’s article¬†How to get More Budget for Corporate Video Production?

If you’d like to know more about email videos and web videos in general, please check out our web video production page or call us at (212) 765-5224¬†to discuss your options!

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