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3 Ways Video Production Boosts Attorney Internet Marketing

There are an awful lot of lawyers out there, and just as many different lawyer websites. If you’re a Chicago DUI attorney, a personal injury attorney, or any other type of litigator, how do you make your website- and other marketing materials- stand out from the rest?

The answer is simple, and probably obvious. Use corporate video production! Here are the three best reasons that video production is a great marketing tool for your law firm.

1. Landing Page Videos Boost Conversion

Putting a video on your front page shows your potential new clients that you’re more than just words on a screen, or a staged photo in front of a flag. Viewers will be able to see you move, hear you speak, and will think of you as a real person- plus, they’ll stay on your website longer to watch your video, and that means you’ll stay in their mind and memory.

A study by Eyeview Digital showed that adding videos to a front page of a website can increase conversion by at least 80%! Think of your business getting 80% steadier. All thanks to a simple, easy-to-embed video. That sounds like it’s more than worth it to me- but wait, there’s more!

2. The Video Gets Shared on Social Media

No matter how entertaining or informational you make your legal service pages, let’s face it- they’re not going to be widely shared over Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network. Chances are, you’d just get overshadowed by some hilarious cat video- those seem to rule the internet- but you do want it to be shared and passed around in the first place. That’s free word-of-mouth advertising, and as we all know, word-of-mouth is one of the most effective forms, and one of the hardest to get, too.

A video takes care of this problem for you. People love sharing videos. Sharing a webpage feels awkward for many people, but sharing a video with your friends on facebook coudln’t be more natural. Videos can also be shared on sites like Pinterest, and of course YouTube- the world’s second largest search engine. Plus, some of your competitors are already there. Do you really want to be left out?

3. Video in Email Marketing Campaigns

I’ve been saving the biggest number for last. A study by a group called GetResponse, which looked at almost one billion email marketing messages, found that putting a video in your email increases your potential clients’ click-through rate by a whopping 96%. That’s incredible! What could you do with nearly 100% more people clicking through and viewing your website- and then keeping them there with a video on the landing page from step one?


The results are clear: using videos in your legal marketing plan is a sure boost to your potential clients. There’s absolutely no reason not to get started right away. If you’d like to hear more about what Indigo can do, check out our legal video production page, or call us at (212) 765-5224 right now to discuss your options!

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