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Promo Video for an iPhone App Idea – Duracell Powermat Case Study

Development of an iPhone app – or any other app for that matter – is a costly project but can be very lucrative. For an iPhone app to make big profit, it needs to be downloaded by a lot of people from the Apple iTunes store. So, how do we market an app? We first need to get it to the store, optimize the listing, get good ratings, post it all over the Internet, etc. If we’re able to produce a quality app and market it correctly, the rewards can be huge. A promo video can boost our exposure, both online and offline (in the real world), exponentially but we first need to come up with a good promo video for the app. We need both a good app idea and a good app promo video idea. if you have the first one covered and need a promo video production done for your app, check out the web video we created for Duracell Powermat:

The example above is an app marketing video that introduces the Duracell Powermatt. Whenever you’re away from your home or office and your battery is dangerously low, all you have to do is power up the app and let it use your built-in GPS to find the nearest powering station – the genius of this app is partially its simplicity.

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