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Introducing Indie The Indri – Indigo Productions’ Official Mascot!

Indie the Indri of Indigo Productions
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The team at Indigo Productions would like to take this moment to introduce our new mascot – Indie the Indri – and welcome him to the Indigo family! Indie joined Indigo Productions in October of 2013 and, in his own words, ‘is here to stay!’

Indie’s main responsibilities will be to represent Indigo Productions on Social Media and will host his own podcast – Ask Indigo Productions’ Indie the Indri! Below is Indie’s abridged resume – or CV as the rest of the World calls it:

Who is Indie the Indri? What IS an Indri?

Indie heads from the beautiful island nation of Madagascar. Indie, pictured to the right, is a representative of the Indri species. All Indris are primates from family Indriidae. Indris belong to the superfamily Lemuroidea – lemurs. They are bigger than most of their cousins in the Lemur branch of  the Strepsirrhini suborder of primates.  Like all lemurs, Indri’s are native only to Madagascar, east off the coast of Africa – more specifically, Mozambique.

What is the Role of Indie the Indri at Indigo Productions?

Social Media Representative and Official Mascot – As stated before, Indie’s job at Indigo Productions will be to represent the company on the Social Media – including Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and many others!

Host of Ask Indigo Productions’ Indie the Indri! – in addition to our existing (under development) video production FAQ section, Indie will host his own podcast and Social Media/Blog feature entitled Ask Indigo Productions’ Indie the Indri! 

Bring awareness to the plight of lemurs in Madagascar – Indri are a little known and endangered species. Indie wants to let the World know about his family before it is run into extinction and passing away without being noticed by the Western mainstream.

If you’d like to learn more about Indri conservation, please visit the Primate Factsheet on the University of Wisconsin website!

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