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Empeopled – New Interest-Based Social Media Network Worth Checking Out!

There are many social media websites out there and more are popping up each day. Some will make it big, some will fail miserably – time will tell. One of those new social websites – currently in beta mode – we found worth mentioning is called Empeopled. You should definitely check it out!

Empeopled is an interest-based social media network, where users select groups – called societies – based on an area of science, industry, or interest. Every group is a collection of posts made by its users. The posts are displayed in order of votes they received – each user gets different voting power based on the votes they themselves have received. Moreover, during continued interaction on the website, users gain CP points and achieve new levels.

Empeopled definitely has an interesting premise and its users seem very mindful of the netiquette and are rather supportive which is a big plus – we know several forums that had to be closed, because of fights between its members.

Empeopled is also a good source of information on many subjects, so head on to and ask for an invitation to join!

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